Best Hunter Boots


As far as sizing, Hunter boots are only offered in whole sizes. If you’re between sizes, I would recommend going down a half-size. Hunter boots are a little clunky, and I think the boots fit better a little snug versus too big! I’m typically a 7.5 or 8, and I sized down to a 7. They offer an adjustable buckle, but I really don’t see it as a useful feature other than for appearance.

On Hunter’s website, they have a sizing section to help you determine the best size option for you by showing you how to measure your foot. They also include measurements like maximum calf area and leg height. Hunter has free shipping and free returns too. So if the pair you first purchase doesn’t work, send them back to try a different pair.


Hunter boots go through what’s called “blooming” – when they get a powdery white film on them when you first get them. It’s a common process for natural rubber and nothing to worry about.

I noticed my black pair definitely went through a rougher phase when they bloomed, and it was a lot harder to shine them up. Hunter sells a boot care kit that might be worth purchasing, especially with black boots or other darker Hunter boots where the blooming is more noticeable.

After the first blooming, I haven’t noticed either pair doing it again. Some people prefer the “character” the blooming brings to the rubber boots – to each their own.


What’s the easiest way to clean your leather boots? Of course, I bought a cleaner on Amazon that worked just fine, but I would definitely recommend the Hunter boot shine sponge as well to shine up your Hunter boots as needed. I haven’t had to clean mine in years since they bloomed. I’ve also heard you can shine them up with olive oil and a nonabrasive cotton towel or old shirt.

If they simply have mud or other remnants on them, you can use mild soap and water to clean them up. They’ll look good as new. Hunter’s website suggests storing them in a cool, dry place where they won’t bend or fold. They also suggest not putting them in direct sunlight to dry after cleaning them.

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