5 Natural Ways To Keep Bugs Away From You This Summer

Most of us love spending as much time as we can outdoors during the sunny, warm months after a long winter holed away watching Netflix marathons. While we’re fans of Netflix binges ourselves, after a while your body justs starts to crave some fresh air and we promise you’ll feel all the better for it! There’s just one pesky problem… Bugs, bugs and more bugs. This is the season when all the bugs come out to play and it’s no fun for us humans. Whether you’re scared of bugs, allergic or just plain sick of getting bitten then we’ve got you covered with these handy tips to keep the pesky critters away from you!



Keep mosquitoes away with citronella candles

We love the citrusy scent of citronelle, but mosquitos? Not so much and that’s just fine with us! In fact, research shows that citronella may reduce the incidence of mosquitoes landing near you by up to 42%! Get the whole family involved and try this DIY recipe.



Keep food and drink covered at your next picnic

Whether it’s a picnic or a campsite, chances are there’s going to be food around and if you leave food uncovered, then it’s a surefire way to attract bugs. Always keep food and drink covered and use some water to wash and rinse away any spills.



Onion and garlic repels mosquitoes

This is an old wives tale that really seems to work. Mosquitoes hate the scent released by onions and garlic so chop some up, add them to a bowl of water and swish it around to release the scent. Keep the bowl close to your outdoor seating area to prevent the mozzies from attacking.



Mint keeps bugs away

It’s a well-known fact that bugs hate mint, and we mean hate it. One whiff and they’ll be on their way to pester some other humans. We recommend keeping a mint plant close to where you’ll be sitting outside, or even better, add a few drops of mint essential oil to a spray bottle of pure, diluted water and spritz it on your clothes and in the air and we guarantee no bug will get too close.



Mosquitoes hate vanilla

This is something we can help you with, here at Civilized Cosmetics. It seems that mosquitoes don’t like the scent of vanilla, so by covering yourself in this sensual scent you’re sure to keep them away. Massage some of our Vanilla Scented Face and Body Oil onto your skin to act as a natural bug repellent and leave your skin hydrated and glowing. These are just a few helpful tips to keep the bugs away without resorting to using harmful bug repellents with nasty ingredients. Feel free to share any of your own tips in the comments, we’d love to hear them!

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