3 Fruits Perfect For Hydrating Your Skin & Body On A Hot Summer Day!

As the days lengthen and the temperatures soar, your hydration needs will start to increase, but we don’t blame you if you don’t want to sip on plain ol’ water all day long! Fortunately there are a variety of fruits that are so high in water content that simply by munching on them or adding them to a smoothie, your body will receive all the water it needs to function optimally and to ensure your skin stays healthy, bright and glowing.

Keep on reading to find out which 3 are our favorite!


Cucumber 🥒

Many people think of this green superfood as a veggie, when in actual fact it’s a fruit! Cucumbers have the highest water content of any solid food making them a must on our food list this summer! Cucumber will help to hydrate you from the inside out, flush out toxins and flood your body with an array of healthy vitamins and minerals. Munch on them raw, dipped in hummus or add them to a water pitcher with some lemon slices and mint for a delightfully refreshing treat!


Strawberries 🍓

Who doesn’t love this delicious and juicy fruit! Strawberries contain a whopping 92% water content and are packed in Vitamin C to fight inflammation in the body and keep your skin bright, plump and youthful. They also contain a special compound called ellagic acid, which has natural UV protective properties. Don’t ditch the sunscreen though! This strawberry smoothie is absolutely delicious and will satisfy your sweet cravings in the best and healthiest way possible!


Pineapples 🍍

This sunny fruit is a favorite for many with its sweet, juicy taste! Pineapples are brimming in a water content of roughly 87% as well as a powerful array of vitamins and minerals, including a fantastic enzyme called Bromelain. This enzyme is known for its incredible anti-inflammatory benefits and will help to manage chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis or sinusitis if eaten regularly. This paleo pineapple upside down cake will be a huge hit at your next barbeque, and the best part? It’s completely free from dairy, sugar and wheat so everyone can enjoy a slice!

These 3 fruits are delicious, super healthy and can be enjoyed in so many ways! Happy munching or sipping, whatever takes your fancy!

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