How An All Natural Sugar Scrub Can Help Prepare Your Skin And Lips

Giving up sugar is becoming more and more common these days, but if there’s one sugary product you should not give's an all natural sugar scrub! A naturally exfoliating and gently abrasive ingredient, sugar can keep your skin and lips hydrated and smooth, while keeping pores refreshed and clean.

Why should you exfoliate?

Diet and hormones are the main influences that can cause a buildup of sebum, bumps, and dryness on the skin. Add environmental stressors like wind and sun exposure, and you’ve got a cocktail for flaky skin and lips on your hands. When this happens, it’s best to regularly exfoliate in order to slough away dead skin, and brighten tired dull looking skin.

What are the benefits of sugar for your skin?

A natural humectant, sugar works by helping to attract water to the surface of your skin and then delivers this hydration deep within the layers of your skin. With regular use, your skin will be able to keep itself hydrated.

Secondly, as a natural source of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), sugar is also able to encourage healthy cell turnover which means younger, fresh looking skin. This is especially helpful for those with sun damage and aging skin.

The third way sugar benefits your skin is by gently scrubbing dead skin cells to reveal radiant looking skin underneath. Naturally smaller than salt grains, sugar doesn’t cause the same small tears salt may, and doesn’t strip the skin from any natural oils.

What are ways sugar helps prepare your skin and lips for skincare and makeup?

Nothing’s worse than applying a layer of foundation or lip suede only to look in the mirror and see flakes. When dryness hits, reach for sugar to gently pull off dead skin and flakes and reveal smooth skin and lips. You’ll immediately see the difference!

A regular sugar scrub can also help to boost blood circulation and give you plumper lips ready for that perfect pout.

When applying serums and moisturizer, you may be surprised to learn that a sugar scrub before can help your skincare absorb and help to target and nourish deeper below your skins surface.

With so many benefits, what’s holding you back from scrubbing away with sugar? Our Vanilla Scented Sugar Scrub the ideal all natural, organic scrub suitable for your body, hands, feet, lips, and face. With naturally occurring antioxidants from coconut oil and free from any harsh chemicals, our sugar scrub is soon to be your next beauty favorite.

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