How to Wear Bold Lip With Spring Florals and Pastels

A bold lip is a must-have look for spring. But you may be wondering how to coordinate a look-at-me pout with the subdued granny florals, and pastel tops, dresses, and rompers that are standard spring attire. First, know that a bold lip can pair extraordinarily well with just about any outfit—if you keep some basic (flexible) rules in mind. Here are some tips:

Color Contrast

Combining colors that you wouldn’t ordinarily put together can often result in a dramatic and youthful style statement. Just imagine a bright crimson pout against a pretty, canary-yellow frock. Michelle Williams at the 2006 Oscars immediately comes to mind. Gorgeous! Similarly, a striking hot pink lip pops when paired with your favorite baby blues and pinks. Want more ideas? Consider these combos: a matte brown lip with a white lacey dress or a burgundy lip with an outfit that has a light beige floral print.

Play Up an Accent Color

Another way to rock a bold lip with spring clothes is to color your lips in a brighter shade of an accent color on your outfit. For example, wear an electric orange lip color to pick up on those peachy flowers on your blouse. Go for a magenta pout if you’ve got flecks of lavender on your flirty skirt. Or swipe on a bright red lipstick if you’ve slipped on a tank top with a whimsical rosy-hued print.

Sport a Baby Blue Lip

OK, this may not be an everyday look, but a pale blue lipstick color is edgy, fun, and totally doable if you’re the daring type. Just make sure your outfit isn’t blue as well or you’ll just look like a Smurf. Not exactly the look you’re going for. Try this lip when you’re wearing a contrasting color, in the yellow/orange family. Hey, you wanted to be bold, right?


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