Why You Should Be Using Non-Toxic Beauty Products: 3 Good Reasons

Is the thought of doing a complete cosmetic overhaul scary to you? You’ve got your signature lipstick, favorite bronzer, and must-have highlighter. And let’s not even talk about how difficult it’s been to find the perfect shade of foundation. After all, your makeup bag is your little baby you’ve nurtured ever since that day you “borrowed” your mums eyeliner in sophomore year at high school. So when you see the likes of Gisele and Gwyneth touting the benefits of green beauty you can’t help but close one eye. We’re here to tell you that lady, you’re definitely not alone and not to worry!

Using non-toxic beauty products doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the luxury look and feel you’re so used to.

To help you make the transition over to plant based cosmetics a bit easier, we’ve done some digging for you and came up with the top 3 reasons you should make the switch.

But before we get into that…

Did you know that parabens are found in nearly 100% of all cosmetics and skincare in drug and department stores? And not to worry you... but out of the 10, 000 chemicals found, only 10% are known to have any sort of safety information available. This is alarming because it shows just how little is actually known about the cosmetics industry, especially given that since 1938 the FDA has not regulated beauty ingredients. Educating yourself is the best thing you can do as a cosmetics user.

3 Reasons To Use Non-Toxic Beauty Products

Cosmetics Are Badly Regulated

Unlike the EU, the United States allows cosmetics brands to use nearly any new ingredient and chemical in their product without any government approval. The problem with this is that as a result mainstream products continue to shine in the spotlight knowing they do not have to explain exactly what goes into their products - leaving the visionaries, companies that aim to bring luxury non-toxic cosmetics to market struggling to gain a foothold with consumers. It’s up to you as a consumer to pay attention to what’s on your cosmetics labels.

Mainstream Cosmetics Still Contain Harmful Chemicals

You’d be hard pressed to walk into a department store, pick out a lipstick and find one that’s 100% green and free from chemicals. The same goes for any other makeup product on the shelf. Not only do these chemicals damage your skin and health, they’re also responsible for causing havoc in our environment when washed down the sink, ending up in the water systems. Knowing what to look for is your best defense against cancer causing and hormone disrupting ingredients. The following are especially toxic ingredients found and you should always try to steer clear from using any product that contains them: 

  • Lead
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Fragrance (Parfum)
  • Nitrosamines

No Nutrients In Mainstream Cosmetics

Typical cosmetics tend to contain little to no nutrient rich ingredients that work to benefit your skin. Organic, non-toxic products however, are almost always rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Why not use clean cosmetics that do double duty of making you look great while protecting your skin with powerful antioxidants? As you can imagine, this is just scratching the surface in terms of why you should be using non-toxic cosmetics. Check back again regularly to our blog, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter if you’re interested in learning more about how to make the transition to green products easier.

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